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We know what is required for you to be compliant.

Our international clients get full support with their payroll, accounting, VAT and statutory reports.

True local knowledge, wide international experience

We simplify international business in Sweden. Our clients are ambitious foreign companies, who want to run a successful operation in Sweden. Our service to support you are setting up your company here in Sweden, accounting, payroll, tax and VAT according to Swedish requirements and reporting to authorities.

This ensures that you can focus on building your business and are compliant with Swedish regulations and laws.

We strive to always have longterm relationship with you as our client. What makes us stand out is our common love for dance.

What to consider?

There is a lot to consider when starting a business in Sweden and it it a lot of things that has to be done.


Choose business form and set up a company


Register at authorities


Open up a bank account


Choose an accounting system


Getting familiar with tax, VAT and Year end closing


Getting familiar with how to employ

We are here to help you

We now that it can seems hard but we are here to help you. We know what you need to do and we’ll be with you all the way to a successfull business in Sweden. We know what is required to be compliant in Sweden. Our services include:

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Online accounting services including reconcilliations and year end closing

Payroll Services

Salary services

Regulatory filings

VAT return
PAYE tax return
CIT return
Annual report
Statistics Sweden

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We know what is required to be compliant in Sweden.

Please contact us for guidance and support in setting up your business in Sweden.

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