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Accounting in Sweden

Accounting services

Together we will identify what services you may be in need of so you may focus on your business.


We can assist you with all of your accounting, including bookkeeping, billing, reconciliations, and reporting.

   Accounts payable

AP automation for your supplier invoices. Receiving e-invoices or via e-mail, setting up approval accesses, supplier ledger, and ease of payment process.

   Accounts receivable

We can assist you with billing your customers, send e-invoices or invoices by e-mail and handle the reminder process when needed.

   Advisory services

With a full understanding of your business, we are able to advise you on how you might move your business forward and we can be your one point of contact in Sweden and liaise with your other service providers. We arrange for quarterly meetings, either in person or via video.

   Annual report

We prepare annual reports according to Swedish law and the regulations set out by the Swedish Accounting Standards Board (so called “K regulations”).

K3 is the mail regulation, but smaller sized companies may opt for the simplified K2 regulation. We will guide you on the regulation that best suits your company.

  Asset register

We identify assets, set up an asset register and make sure depreciations are made appropriately.


We are no auditors, we are accountants (actually, authorized accounting consultants), but we have several auditors within our network. We will of course liaise with auditors during the year end closing and annual reports proceedings. 


   Authorized Accounting Consultants

We are authorized accounting consultants, certified by both Srf konsulterna and FAR.

As authorized accountants, we follow the Swedish standard of accountancy and undergo regular quality checks made by both Srf Konsulterna or FAR.

We are highly qualified, and we are required to prove continuous knowledge updates.


   Balance sheet

Easy access to your company´s balance sheet within our online software. Figures are updated regularly and reconciled periodically.



We provide bookkeeping services in Sweden compliant with Swedish law and in line with Swedish GAAP, including periodic reconciliations and you have online access to your numbers/accounting.


   Budget and forecast

We can assist you with preparing different types of budget reportings and forecasts of liquidity and profitability.


   Business plan

When incorporating or developing your company we can help you with creating your business plan.


   Cash flow statement

We can prepare cash flow statements periodically or upon request.


   Crisis and insolvency support

If your company appears to be approaching insolvency, it is not just cash flow that you should be worried about. You also need to analyze the figures on your balance sheet to be certain of your situation.

Although negative cash flow and the inability to pay creators on time is a clear indicator of financial troubles, there may just be temporary, but a balance sheet test can provide a broader view of the problem you’re facing.

Balance sheet insolvency occurs when a company’s total liabilities are greater than its assets. to avoid the risk for being held liable for the company's debts, the board should prepare a balance sheet for liquidation purposes.

We can support you in analyzing your financial status, give recommendations on actions to be taken and also help you compile the balance sheet for liquidation purposes.



Compliance is the state of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications, or the process of becoming so.

To be compliant is to meet or be in accordance with rules and standards.

We support you being compliant in accounting, payroll, tax and VAT. 


   Corporate income tax returns

We will calculate your corporate tax, prepare your corporate income tax return and file it electronically with the Swedish Tax Agency.


Company Secretarial Services (CoSec) is services to ensure that a company is abiding by the relevant rules and regulations which relate to the entity it’s appointed to, considering risk, governance, listing requirements and advising the board of directors in there various areas. 

We do not provide there services. If you are in need of this kund of servicewe have a strong network of legal professionals we can guide you to.


Domiciliation is the act of making Sweden your legal home or place of business. We do not provide domiciliation services for companies, instead we are partnering with some lawyers that are experts in this field. 


We know the importance of digitalization. We work entirely in cloud based solutions. Together we’ll identify your solution need and which API’s and integrations work best for your company setup. We arrange the appropriate accesses and proxies and will give you a run through of the software.

  EU Sales list

Sales to another EU country are to be filed with the Swedish Tax Agency, which we can assist you with online.

  Establish business in Sweden

We can assist you if you wish to expand or start up new business in Sweden.


Direct online access to your income statement with the possibility to drill all the way down to show the underlying transactions.

  Income statement

We are no auditors, we are accountants (actually, authorized accounting consultants), but we have several auditors within our network. We will of course liaise with auditors during the year end closing and annual reports proceedings. 



We can assist you when incorporating your company, be your sounding board when detailing your business plan and inform you of what is mandatory or optional in Sweden.

   K10 form for individual shareholder

As an individual shareholder in a small company (a maximum of four shareholders owning shares that correspond to more than half of the votes in the compoany), you should file a K10 along with your individual income tax return. The K10 form is basis for calculating taxes on dividend or sale of shares.



We do not provide legal services. If you need support in legal matters, we can recommend som legal experts within our network


   PAYE tax returns

In connection with the payroll runs you will also need to file monthly PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax returns with the Swedish Tax Agency, which we can assist you with electronically.



We can assist you with payroll runs, set up time reportings for your employees with appropriate approvals before sending salary slips electronically to the employees. Including year end closing and holiday pay calculations. We also have a HR Specialist within our network.


   Receipt management

Receipt management is no longer a hassle when handled within the app. Follow the steps notified in the app upon making your purchases. Reimburse out of pocket expenses or set up employee business cards.



Reconciliations of the accounts are done periodically and are available to you online with the software.

  Start up

We can assist you if you wish to expand or start up a new business

  Statistics Sweden

Upon request, your company is required to report to Statistics Sweden, which we can assist you with

  Sustainability reporting according to NSRS

We can help you with your sustainability reports. The Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard (NSRS) helps SME measure its circularity in order to reach more sustainable production and consumption patterns.


We are well versed with VAT calculations, Swedish VAT rates and reverse charge concerning sales outside of Sweden. VAT returns may be filed monthly, quarterly or annually with the Swedish Tax Agency.

   Year end closing

We prepare financial year end closing with annual accounts according to Swedish GAAP.

Expanding your business into Sweden?

We know what is required for you to be compliant.

Our international clients get full support with their payroll, accounting, VAT and statutory reports.

Starting business in Sweden?

We can assist with setting up a company with Swedish shareholders. If foreign shareholders, we have other service providers within our network.

MoveByNumbers' Fundamentals

Depending om what services you and your company are in need of, you can rest assured that MoveByNumbers always provide:

- Personal contact

- Quality assured deliveries

- Real time cloud accounting

- Personalized solutions

- Business development support

- Advisory

MoveByNumbers' Quality

We strive to provide all of our clients with high quality services. In order to do so we aish to understand you and your business. What are your goals? Why do you do what you do?

Together, we will identify your needs so we can set mutual expectations to ensure an efficient collaboration. We personalize your software solution and provide real time cloud accounting so you can use the accounting as a basis for your business operations.

MoveByNumbers has extensive experience in financial management, accounting and tax. We are authorized accounting consultants in Sweden and are listed in the Anti Money Laundering register which means we undergo regular quality checks. In other words, we are trustworthy service provider and we can support you along the way.

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